Learning Chinese in China at The Harbin Mandarin School is so easy. Please see the below application guideline and click on each point to expand.

Decide on your start date and length of study with us.


Complete and return our application form.


Confirmation of dates and deposit payment required.


Official invitation letter is emailed to you along with deposit receipt.


Special note regarding the USD 430 (RMB 3000 yuan when you are in China) deposit: The deposit is not refundable if you cancel. The deposit amount of USD 430 (RMB 3000 yuan when you are in China) will be deducted from your final month or week of tuition fees.


Special notes regarding the Chinese visa: You need to apply for your Chinese visa at your local Chinese embassy. The local Chinese embassy will require our official invitation letter as evidence for your travel to China. Your local Chinese embassy are the ones who will decide what type and length of visa to issue you with. In our experience students have been granted both tourist visas and the X2 student visas to come and study with us. As mentioned, it is the local embassy who decides what type of visa to finally issue you with and it seems to relate to the length of time you will be spending in China, for example; it is highly unlikely for them to issue you with a X2 student visa if your trip is short. The Harbin Mandarin School does obviously not issue visas.


Paying for your tuition


All we require before you arrive at The Harbin Mandarin School is your USD 430 (RMB 3000 yuan when you are in China) deposit. After you arrive and you’ve had some time to settle in, we will then require payment of your tuition fees. We don’t require the full tuition fees upfront, but we usually prefer to receive one months or weeks tuition at a time and on time. For example we would prefer to have one months tuition costs at the start of that month.


Payment methods

You can pay your deposit and tuition fees in three ways: Western Union, bank transfer or cash. Please click on each point to expand.

Western Union


Bank Transfer




Application form

Students must complete the application form correctly without any spelling errors and also attach a scanned copy of their passport photo page. Please click here to download our application form. 

School Address: Room 402, Block No.3, No.14 Building, Baoyu Tianyi Lanwan, No.318 Daxin Street, Dao Wai district, Harbin, Heilongjiang Province, P. R. China

Mobile Phone: +86 13654554126
Email: info@theharbinmandarinschool.com.cn