WELCOME TO THE HARBIN MANDARIN SCHOOL In Harbin, Heilongjiang Province, China!




Our school was founded in 2008 and exclusively provides private one-to-one intensive Mandarin tuition by fully licensed and qualified teachers.
The school is located in Harbin, which is the provincial capital of China’s north-eastern Heilongjiang province. Harbin is famous for its picturesque white winters including the spectacular International Ice and Snow Festival and its sunny, yet comfortably warm summer months. Both the winter and summer times in Harbin attract an array of tourists from all over the world. 
Most importantly for our students, Harbin is also famous for its perfectly spoken Mandarin. The residents of Harbin are well known for their clarity and perfection of spoken standard Mandarin. This is evident from the many CCTV official television personalities and news anchors who hail from Harbin.
Students can relish the opportunity to fully immerse themselves in possibly the best spoken-Mandarin environment in China. Unlike other popular tourist places in China where official Mandarin clashes and distorts with the many various local dialects, making learning Mandarin more challenging and confusing, in Harbin there are no such obstacles. This results in Harbin being the absolute perfect environment to learn Mandarin in China. 
In Harbin, students’ Mandarin will flourish, especially their speaking and listening skills. We welcome students of all nationalities, backgrounds and ages to come and join us at the professional, friendly and officially registered The Harbin Mandarin School. 

In January 2017, The Harbin Mandarin School moved premises from Aijian Road in the Dao Li district to Daxin Street in the Dao Wai district. This is an exciting move to a larger and more premium premises located even closer to the famous Central Street. 






Why Study With Us?
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School Address: Room 402, Block No.3, No.14 Building, Baoyu Tianyi Lanwan, No.318 Daxin Street, Dao Wai district, Harbin, Heilongjiang Province, P. R. China

Mobile Phone: +86 13654554126
Email: info@theharbinmandarinschool.com.cn