Principal – Li Yangping 李杨萍

A Harbin native and previous Mandarin teacher, Yangping is the founder of The Harbin Mandarin School and looks after day-to-day operations of the school and students affairs and accommodation. Yangping also studied traditional Chinese medicine (中医) and enjoys traditional Chinese culture, and practices traditional knitting and sewing.

Teaching Director – Ma Chao 马超

Ma Chao is also a Harbin native and has a Master’s Degree in Teaching Chinese as a Foreign Language (对外汉语) from East China Normal University. He is the proud holder of the National Chinese Teachers’ Certificate since 2006 and the National Chinese Interpreters’ Certificate also since 2006. Not only does Ma Chao teach at the school, he is in charge of teaching quality and teacher training. Ma Chao has extensive teaching experience, not only in Harbin but also in Southern China. He has the experience of teaching students at all levels and all ages from all over the world. Ma Chao enjoys ancient Chinese history and football.

Mandarin Teacher – Shi Xiuming 石秀明

Shi Xiuming is one of the school’s female Mandarin teachers and has been with the school for 4 years. She holds a Master’s degree in Teaching Chinese as a Foreign Language (对外汉语) from Heilongjiang University and has previous teaching experience within a university environment teaching international students Mandarin. Shi Xiuming is also a Harbin native and enjoys Chinese Art and especially traditional Chinese ink painting. Known to her students as Shi Laoshi, she has had the experience of teaching people from all corners of the globe and has many students return back to study with her and continue their study via Skype classes.

School Address: Room 402, Block No.3, No.14 Building, Baoyu Tianyi Lanwan, No.318 Daxin Street, Dao Wai district, Harbin, Heilongjiang Province, P. R. China

Mobile Phone: +86 13654554126